Wednesday, April 20, 2011

But this show is my favourite :s

One of my new favourite tv shows in syndication is
How I met your mother!
I guess it is the new Friends
anyway I love it, it makes me laugh every time.

I watched an episode recently that made me think.
Ted got engaged to a woman who had never seen Star Wars Ted's all time favourite movie. His best friend Marshall insisted that she couldn't be the one if she never saw Star Wars.  They both sat on egg shells while she sat through the movie and then she pretended to love it. They actually never did get married she chickened out but not because of the movie.
But should it have been a sign that they were not matched right?

Watching this episode I sat giggling because well I am a Star Wars junkie and ....
so is my husband. Well I am a sci-fi junkie. Love them all.

But then I started to wonder... 

I never once thought about my hubbie not liking my movie choices. After sci-fi, I love a woman powered show, love romantic comedies and English history flicks Yup!.
His favourite movie of all time is Wall Street. He knows this movie word for word literally... he knows every line that Micheal Douglas says, and Charlie Sheen says, and even some of Darryl Hannah!
I watched it once thought it was good but felt no desire to see it again.
After Wall Street, he is a if it has a car chase, unnecessary explosions, gun-wielding, please show some more breast movie kind of guy.

Should I have taken that as a consideration as a sign that there would be fights, arguments even over what to watch on the tube or at the theater probably. Maybe

However I am finding it hard to base the success of our union on our similar or not similar taste in movies.
Because though we have differing tastes in movies and sitcoms we have managed to find common viewing material that doesn't gross the other out. And by the way we both love Star Wars LOL

Does your tv/movie style differ to your significant other?
Would you not be in a relationship or not get married to someone if they loved a particular movie? What is that?
What is your favourite show/movie?

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  1. Yes we have very little in common when it comes to tv. Except HOUSE.


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