Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm in the mood for love...

simply because you are near me. lalalalalala

I have been humming that tune all day.
Pretty normal for this time of year

I love Valentines
I think it is the hearts

I love hearts
Maybe something to do with my first ever crush and his name being Hart.

Yeah probably that
maybe not

however Valentines gives me the excuse to wear hearts
wear red and pink if I choose
and to fling red heart confetti around

That being said I really don't have any expectations when it comes to Valentine's Day
I don't get into the whole chocolate and flowers thing
though I do love a beautiful bouquet.
hmmm and a stuffed animal

Before I got married it could come and go and it wouldn't matter.
But it is a little more special to me now
seeing that it is also my anniversary
So now I expect to at least go to lunch
and oh yes a gushy card LOL
sprouting words of love :D

What about you what are your expectations for this season of LOVE?
Dinner and a movie?
Fancy sit down dinner with wine?
Or cuddle time at home with some popcorn on the couch?
Gifts of sweet candy and long stemmed roses? Love those too :)

You know I am curious!
Excuse while I sprinkle you with heart confetti.
Have a heart-filled weekend.

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