Monday, December 20, 2010

Five days count down till Christmas....

I just love Christmas

Here are five things I was thinking would be great for  you to say just before Christmas:

Tell your significant other

Day 5                   You're Wonderful. (just because)
Day 4                   I think you are beautiful/handsome
Day 3                   Of course you are right! :) ( ok couldn't help but snicker at this one too)
Day 2                   Dance with me ( music not required)
Day 1                   Love you more
and on
Christmas day say them all together with a huge Merry Christmas of course.
Oh and wouldn't it be great if you pretended that there is huge swag of mistletoe hanging over head and bestowed Christmas kisses all week long :)

(of course if you have mistletoe by all means whip it out)
Just a thought

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