Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A jug of juice

There is a certain amount of cheekiness that I guess all young people have when taking advice from older people.

For all of my pre-teen into teen years my Grandmother would give me little tips on being a wife. Most of them had to do with cleaning and though I still don't like to clean when I do I sure now how to do it right.

She kept insisting that I learn how to make juice.
Juice, in Trinidadian talk-where I am from, is usually a concentrate from a can mixed with water and sugar... lots of sugar. I could never get the mix right even if I was using something like Kool-Aid which you really shouldn't  get it wrong because the instruction is clearly stated on the back.
So my response to her was always :
'Grannie I am not worried about juice if the man wants juice he will make his own.'
To which she would reply ' Hmmph no man will marry you if you can't make juice!' and she would poke me goodnaturedly and we would let it die until the next time.
She has been dead now for well over 18 years and I still can't make juice.

I was reminded of our conversations a few weeks ago when I watched my husband very happily putting together his own concoction for me to taste, coincidentally on the anniversary of her burial, and it hit me that she wasn't talking about juice at all.

She wanted me to know that it is the little things like juice that help to make your spouse feel special and contribute to your marriage working smoothly.

Don't you agree?

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 I have been attempting to finish this little post for about 2 week maybe 3 weeks now! I don't know what was causing the lack of focus.... hopefully it's gone now. Hope you all have been good.

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