Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A lil wedding advice

Well who knew that I would be so delinquent in posting on this space. 
It's not like I didn't have the ideas, I had those, for some reason I just could find the time. But it was summer and with all children home and my nephews added to the fray it I just couldn't find the time to say hello or did I have the mental capacity to think after dealing with 6 children for the summer, needless to say I am singing the praises of having a big yard and plenty bikes to go around. 

My little cousin got married last week and it was a joy to be able to attend the wedding. 

I love weddings,
the promise that they hold,
the love beaming out of the bride and groom and their family friends
and the all out positivity that the day usually prevails.

The fact that everyone is dressed all pretty is also a plus.

This wedding was no different... except it was clear from the beginning that they were going to have fun at their wedding and it was going to be about dancing because they held hands and danced down the aisle to the song of Bob Marley's We're Jammin.

My uncle's speech has been echoing through my mind since the wedding. The love for his daughter was apparent as he recalled all their many firsts, tears came to my eyes.
His advice to them, drawing from his 39 years of marriage to my aunt- yup 39! :-

Pray together,

place God first in your marriage and

never go to sleep, never go to bed angry with each other.

Good advice.

We have problems with the not going to bed angry part. Many nights taking the time to calm down and 'sleeping' on it has actually worked for us.

My advice to the newly married couple adding to what my uncle said would be:

Communication is key... take time and talk to each other and listen to what each other are saying.

Be committed to your marriage - choose to stay married.

& Hold hands often.

black-couple-holding-hands http://bit.ly/hb8seX (via @theFreshXpress)
What would you add?
Hoping to be around more often now that school is back in session.

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