Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What's that old adage...
When the cat's away the mice shall play!
Well that is how I felt recently when my sweet hubbie and my son went away for 10 days!
The first night I was like oh no how am I going to sleep?
But slowly I started to embrace the fact that the entire bed was all mine for the while.
My pillows were my own as was all the covers.
And the television teehee I think I lost a lot of sleep because I stayed up watching shows that I would normally forgo because I know the hubbie would be either frowning or grumbling or outright ridiculing me for wanting to see such a show.
I had a blast I felt as if I was in college again.... mind you with three very demanding roommates LOL but they were asleep by 10.
So I had  plenty time to do what I will.
I basically overdid it on computer and television because there was no one to say 'What ya still doing that" scowl! LOL

I think it is okay to look forward to some 'breaks' from your significant others.
You really don't realize how restricting it can be being a part of a couple.
There is always going to be some form of compromise and sharing but that is what you sign up for.
Honestly, I embrace the breaks when I get them, but I enjoy the sharing that comes with being a couple.
As it is better to share, compromise and battle for the covers with someone than it is to not have that significant other again. And also the other thing that distance or time apart does is make the heart go fonder.
And  in that case the sharing of the bed, pillows, television wouldn't matter as you would be too busy 'saying' how much you missed  each other.

Am I the only one that enjoys the little me time?
What do you do when it is just you?


  1. I've been married 19 years now, and he's been traveling for work all those year but the last one. I never realized how much I need him out of the house every other week! Don't get me wrong, it's nice to have someone, true, but I think every woman needs her own time. I go out with friends, wear my pajamas all day, eat out, stay up late ... aaahhh. I hope his next job has him traveling again ;)

  2. I can't even tell you how luxurious sleeping alone in my own bed sounds right now! Lucky girl!


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