Thursday, December 30, 2010

Open the door!

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To my children a closed door is meant to be opened.
There are no inhibitions
No concerns
No fears
They just turn the knob and push it open.

It made me think...
as adults we have been taught to tread lightly around closed doors.
Closed doors are meant to stay closed until someone welcomes us in.

And don't we use this same thinking when it comes to people and relationships
Some issues we just stand and wait to be welcomed in.
We see them as closed doors that we have to rap gingerly/timidly at .

What  if we adopt a childlike attitude to closed doors and other situations like them
Instead of seeing the closed door as a blocked opportunity or relationship
We work on finding a way to open it!

May 2011 be the year that we all see the wonderful possibilities that lay behind those doors.

See you next year!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Five days count down till Christmas....

I just love Christmas

Here are five things I was thinking would be great for  you to say just before Christmas:

Tell your significant other

Day 5                   You're Wonderful. (just because)
Day 4                   I think you are beautiful/handsome
Day 3                   Of course you are right! :) ( ok couldn't help but snicker at this one too)
Day 2                   Dance with me ( music not required)
Day 1                   Love you more
and on
Christmas day say them all together with a huge Merry Christmas of course.
Oh and wouldn't it be great if you pretended that there is huge swag of mistletoe hanging over head and bestowed Christmas kisses all week long :)

(of course if you have mistletoe by all means whip it out)
Just a thought

Monday, December 13, 2010

Why bother...

Why do we let these insignificant things get under our skin?   

 empty roll or which is the correct way to hang the roll LOL
 uncovered toothpaste tube, or worse squeezed in the middle
Forgotten garbage.

At the end of the day these are all minor things that we should never dwell on or allow to grow into to huge big things.
Focus on the big picture
Talking your relationship here!
and then these things are really as insignificant as the are suppose to be.

Just a thought.
Are any of these things that get under your skin?
Is there anything else that could make this list?
How do you handle it?

Friday, December 3, 2010

Managing the hubbie

The other day I was blushing from all the wonderful compliments that my hubbie was unexpectantly piling on me.

All of a sudden I was
and while we were at it I was
(his words not mine!)

what caused this surge of emotion? you may be wondering
well he actually listened to me
yes yes you heard right he listened to me
mind you I very quietly said the thing over and over for about four day and NO I didn't NAG LOL!

Yes he listened to me and did something with his mother that not only made his mother happy it actually made him feel good!
hmmm can you feel the rumbling of that I TOLD YA SO coming out from deep within.

well luckily for him it didn't come LOL.
because this is one thing that I know for sure falls in my portfolio.
I am the one that is responsible for birthdays, celebrations and proper mother etiquette LOL
and strangely this role doesn't phase me at all.

Are you the one that is responsible for maintaining  family relations?
Do you mind it?
What different role do you have that you embrace and just doesn't phase you?