Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hellooo Hellooo

I can not believe it! I just cant believe it it has been 4 month since I last visited here!!!!!
Yes I know it is a faux pas to add so many exclamation marks but I feel as if I could add more. But as we all know time gets in the way and summer was excitedly busy so so it goes. Hope all has been good with you all.

I came across this article on Shine ( yes I still am liking their relationship aricles) and I felt I had to share the link here with you.

5 Unusual Ways Men Learn to Be Good Husbands 

Great advice I think for both husbands and wives. I especially like this section

Keep trying to get it right (source: your partner)

Really, this is the most important person you learn about marriage from. There are the little things your spouse teaches you, like "Put the toilet seat down" or "Don't bother me while I'm watching Doctor Who," but there are also the larger lessons. It took me a long time to learn how to fight. I tried fighting like my parents did, but that didn't work because Karel doesn't respond well to yelling. I tried burying it deep down so I wouldn't yell, but that didn't solve anything because I went mute. So now I've developed a very monotone delivery when I'm mad. It's not like Karel enjoys my fighting voice (I basically sound like a robot), but she doesn't tune it out. We don't scare the kids, we don't scare each other-hey, it works for us. I could only have learned to fight like a robot from being married to Karel, and I'm sure she's learned equally valuable lessons from me. I'll ask her what they are just as soon as Doctor Who is over.

What he says here is genius to me right now. Figuring how to fight properly is an important key in maintaining a good relationship, because lets face it there are going to be fights and depending how you handle those fights  makes a world of difference in your relationship.

Keep trying to get it right also speaks to my favourite mantra when it comes to relationships and marriage in particular, which as you may recall is Choose to stay married.

Well that is all for now click here to read the whole article.
Hope you are having a great week.

Oh and Congratulations to my friend Racquel, wishing her and new hubbie many happy years together filled with love, success and prosperity.

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