Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Unsolicited Advice

Well so much for my New Years goal of visiting and continuing the conversation here. Still going to try for more often if not every week as I planned.

Recently I gave a newlywed friend some unsolicited advice.
Yes I know it is supposed to be rude dishing out unsolicited advice but you must know I love to do it, goodness this entire blog is about unsolicited advice!
It was two nuggets actually.

The first was communication of course I am like a broken record with that one.
Talk and listen.
Talk to each other about things every day. In the link I have linked to from O magazine (I am a big big fan) it suggests talking 10 minutes a day about something that is not related to work, children or dogs just like you would have if you were still dating. It is actually a great tip to remember because those little conversations remind you and your significant other that you are person and not only mother or wife.

And the other ( I literally ran behind her to tell her this one :))
Remember to touch each other, sit close together when watching tv., hold hands for a few minutes don't allow yourselves to become ships passing in the halls. This was reinforced by the O magazine article that I read about touching and the healthy benefits it has on us human beings. Touching makes us happier. Now I am not saying that you give into any X rated PDA and also not about sex, though if it leads to that woohoo, but taking time to touch each other and be with each other keeps you close literally.

Click on thise and see what I mean

Also a friend posted this link on Facebook and  I had to share it here as well! It is a man's view of  how to make it work. Marriage that is. It really is all in the mindset.

Hope you are having a great week!
And are you touching enough?

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  1. We need to work on all of these. Four kids in five years has done quite a number on the amount of alone time we get! :) But I'm glad you chased her down to complete your points! :)


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