Friday, July 29, 2011

Hold my hand

Holding Hands by Coralay (Drawn art at

Remember when you first started 'dating' and you were all hot and heavy it was if you were glued together
palm to palm anyway.
Just that little bit of connection could keep you as you strolled down the street.
Hmmmm memories!

Why is it that after the initial burst of romance most of us couples stop holding hands?

We should never stop.
Hand holding is such a great way to be intimate with each other without being too in your face
and if you have children it allows you to not be too 'gross' LOL
it is communicating with each other without words.
Well that is how I see it anyway.

This weekend I dare you to hold hands with your significant others even if it just while you watch tv.

Have a great weekend !

Monday, July 25, 2011

Under a bit of pressure!

My new favourite show is Marriage under Construction I stumbled onto it by accident one day last week as I was lazing and surfing the channels. It is on DIY , well actually on HGTV Canada and it about this newlywed young couple who are renovating their first home together and how they deal with it. They are the cutest couple ever and honestly that is what I love about the show they are just adorable. But my hat goes off to them if ever there was a test to be had on a marriage, renovating/rebuilding your home is definitely high up there in its challenge quota.

This is definitely the way to see what sort of stuff your significant other is about. And I am not joking in saying that it could surely make or break your relationship.
Moving house is also another hard one.

Who ever thought that marriage/coupledom isn't work has another thing coming to them.

Of course you never know how you or your significant is going to handle any of those situations until you are actually involved in it but it helps if you have taken little test challenges in the earlier years of your relationship.
My mother sent me this link from eHarmony recently which to me nails it on the head. Ok I don't know why my Mother is getting email from eHarmony but haven't asked either LOL
It is titled "6 Situations When the "Real You" Emerges" such as Driving/road trips, getting sick how you deal with it and how your significant other deals with it.
Recently this was on my mind when I unexpectantly spent 5 days in the hospital. My hubbie, who like most hubbies, can get under my skin sometimes.
But in a situation like this he is genius! Perfect, perfect for me!
He stays calm and collected, he does the research for what is wrong and he piles me with love and treats. He gave up sleep for those days to ensure that I slept :D. It is times like these that reminds us why we we chose each other LOL.
Sometimes pressure puts things out of proportion but honestly you may be surprised that you like the shape that it takes when the pressure is off.

have you ever been in a situation that made you think that yup your significant other was a keeper?