Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A few things...

Ha! I get another post in before January 2012 runs off into history.

I have been thinking about this alot especially after watching the dissolve of Kim K. and Kris H. marriage unfold on Kourtney and Kim take New York ( yes yes I know I watch it.)

Here are a  few things I have learned from watching this season of Kourtney and Kim Take New York.

It struck me while watching it that the biggest mistake anyone can bring to a marriage or a relationship is not accepting the person that you are with for who they REALLY are.

I am always amazed by people who meet their respective significant other in a party and through out their relationship party hard together and then once married or seriously committed expect the person to change and give up a partying life. Or in Kris Humps case grumping because Kim is living her life for the cameras. Didn't he meet her while she was living life in front of a camera stage or not? And can he seriously be upset because she wouldn't move to Minnesota why would he even think that is possible I don't even know her and I know that was never going to happen. Moving from city life to country life is hard for anyone even those who willingly want it.

Sigh but really no matter how many time it is said that you shouldn't go into a relationship with the hope that the other person would change people will still do it and people will just have their expectations dashed.

Oh another thing that I got from Kim K and Kris Hump is that you have to meet the other person half way. COMPRISE is very very important in a marriage and a relationship. Kim being ridiculously shallow and self centred coupled with Kris Hump's stubborn-headed spoil brat behaviour was from the start to me a recipe for disaster. They both never seem to want to give into the other it was always a power struggle. If no one gives in ever then you are in trouble. As evident by those two.

Oh well so I guess the lessons learned are:
  • Don't expect a person to change because you want it
  • Accept a person for who they are and decide if you are willing to be with that person as if ( if they do change it should be because they want)
  • Compromise is key
Thank you for humouring me as I vent about my favourite guilty pleasure. :D
Have a great week all!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hello! Hello!

You want to know what is a hell of a test on a marriage?
Sharing a computer!
Yup that has been my life for the last few weeks.
My sweet hubster had decided to work at home forgoing the two computers he has at his office to work here on my computer!!!
As much as I love having the hubster around it was a bit.... uhm ... kinda... uhm okay I'll say it annoying I wanted to use my computer.
LoL luckily no arguments erupted or did a rogue stapler suddenly sprout wings and hurtle itself at the hubbie's head. No it was all good because hey it was Christmas and New Years so new thing, new attitudes.
Oh by the by

Yes yes I know the 2012  is all of 19 days old already but it is still a pup :D

If there were one thing that I would wish for everyone this year is that they communicate more.
So my word for the year is

Have a good one.